5 stocks to enter into your watchlist

Updated: Apr 28, 2021


Tyro Payments is Australia’s largest EFTPOS provider outside of the big four banks. The TYR share price recently dropped dramatically due to a system wide terminal outage. Despite this, for March 2021 TYR has reported a 22% annual increase in transaction value. TYR processed more than $20.1bn in transactions in the 2020FY. In line with the recent reports, this figure will likely increase for the 2021FY.


Credit Clear offers an innovative app solution that allows companies to simplify and personalise the process of chasing their debts. Credit Clear manages more than 250,000 customer accounts across a range of sectors that include financial services, transport, utilities and government. The merit of their technology is that they achieve enhanced customer engagement, faster payment reconciliations and lower collection costs compared to traditional debt collection methods.


King Island Scheelite is focused upon the exploration, development and production of its Tungsten mine located on King Island, Tasmania. KIS recently received a $10 million loan from the Tasmanian Government to be put toward plans to re-develop the previously functional mine. KIS plans to raise another $62.7 million to assist in making the mine operational once again. The demand for Tungsten is increasing which should be positive news for shareholders.


Andromeda Metals is a mining company focused on the exploration of high-quality halloysite-kaolin and high purity alumina material. The minerals are in high demand due to their use in biocides, drugs, wristwatch faces, optical windows and smartphone components. AND is still in the exploration phase and currently is trading at an all-time high, one to consider.


AVITA Medical is positioned within the pharmaceuticals and medical research sector. AVH has developed regenerative technology in the form of a spray which is designed to treat burns patients. Their recent financial report revealed that they are investing revenue into product development and growth.

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